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A Pass-Transistor-Logic Compatible Static Timing Analysis Engine for Path-based Delay Optimization

Type of work:

Bachelor Thesis


This work is dedicated to the semi-automatic optimization (sizing) of ptl logic cells (e.g. full adders) under different constraints:

  • minimum Delay

  • minimum Energy for specific Delay

  • maximum Robustness (Soft errors, Process/Voltage/Temperature variations) for specific Delay/Energy constraints

The logic cells that should be optimized are implemented in a variety of logic styles (static CMOS, Pass-transistor Logic, Transmission Gate and others). As a base the student will use a in-house developed scripting and simulation framework written in JULIA (similar to Matlab). As a logic cell he/she will use our in-house logic cell library. Detailed investigations will be performed regarding a pass transistor compatible based static timing analysis engine. 


  • Digital Circuit Design/Spice Simulation knowledge is an advantage

  • Lectures: EMSSI/MNV or similar

  • Basic Programming skills in MATLAB/PYTHON or JULIA


  • CMOS logic style

  • PTL logic style

  • Full-adder cells


A. Chinazzo, J. Lappas


Mohamed Amine Riahi



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