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Important information regarding summer semster 2020

Dear students, things will run differently this semester, we are figuring out how we can achieve the best results for you. While not all is clear yet, we want to inform you here about the status regarding our courses at the chair of real-time systems this semester. For general information see the page of the EIT faculty  or of the university.


  • courses will for now be given online

    • for legal reasons we have to use university infrastructure
    • we will use OLAT for course materials including lectures, and provide space for questions and discussions there as well

To-do list for students

  • please use your rhrk account address as email address for communications

    • in particular the email-address registered in OLAT
      • you can change the mail address in OLAT if you are currently using another one
      • we can share lecture material only if you registered with your rhrk account

  • please sign up (“Anmelden”) to the course via the KIS office webpage

    • it is in German only (yes we know, out of our control), but can be navigated for the signup easily
      • log into
      • look for the course, then sign up (“Anmelden”) for it
      • once you sign up for the course above, we will send you the password for OLAT for this course, see next point

  • please sign up for the courses on OLAT as well

    • course pages on OLAT will be password protected once the lecture starts
    • we will have a session for further information and your questions on the OLAT chat in the first lecture
      • do use the OLAT chat function with the course in the lecture, select “real name”
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