We share the interest in amateur radio, communications and electronics. We do not only focus on "classical" ham radio, such as worldwide communications independent of internet and mobile phones, but also on modern aspects like digital transmission and the connection of internet and ham radio. Here a small  selection of our topics:

  • worldwide wireless communication
  • bulding and repairing RF systems, tranceivers and antennas
  • HF propagation and meteorologic observation
  • satellite communication
  • software defined radio
  • electronics

Amateur radio is always dealing with real world application and is therefore a good opportunity to apply the theory learnt in studies in practice. Sometimes students are writing a final thesis in our group in cooperation with the chairs from university departments.

We meet regularly on monday evening in our shack at 24/137 (from 20:00).

Responsible person is Prof. C van Wüllen (FB Chemie), DL1YCF