Our mentoring program starts at the beginning of each semester and is primarily aimed at first-year students. Nevertheless, anyone who is interested can take part.

The idea of the program is to provide students with a contact person for subject-related and non-specialist topics in order to help them quickly integrate into university life.

The mentees are assigned in groups of about 3 to 4 to a student from a higher semester, who is available to answer questions and accompany his mentees through the start of their studies.

In addition, leisure activities are offered in the large group with all mentors and mentees, so that the exchange among each other is encouraged. The participation at all events is voluntary.

You can sign up at the beginning of each semester.

Just write us an email with your course of studies (Bachelor EIT/ MKT; Master ESY/AUT/...) and your cell phone number to fseit(at) .

Your Mentor will then contact you during the first week of lectures.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!