Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scholl


Fraunhofer-Institut für Hochfrequenzphysik und Radartechnik (FHR)
Fraunhoferstr. 20
53343 Wachtberg

Research Areas

  • Binary and Non-Binary LDPC Codes
  • Soft Decoding of BCH and Reed-Solomon Codes
  • New Architectures for BCH and RS Codes
  • Maximum Likelihood Decoding: www.uni-kl.de/channel-codes
  • Linear Programming (LP) Decoding
  • Embedded Systems for Software Defined Radios

Other Publications

  • The Xilinx Zynq: A Modern System on Chip for Software Defined Radios (Link)
  • The Panoradio: A standalone wideband 250 Msps direct sampling receiver (Link)
  • Zedboard Audio Interface (Download VHDL Design and Documentation)
  • Exact Signal Measurements using FFT Analysis (Download PDF)