Embedded Computing Systems

Career Opportunities

Professional Prospects

Our graduates find employment in a wide range of companies belonging to different industrial sectors: the microelectronics industry, the software industry and the application industries of Embedded Computing Systems such as automotive, telecom, manufacturing, medical.

Embedded Computing Systems engineers often coordinate large design projects and lead the communication between different engineering groups. Our graduates are equipped with the competences necessary to take over responsibilities in collaborative projects involving hardware and software architects, system engineers, verification experts, specialists in design methodologies, management, and project leading.


             Selection of companies that have employed ESY graduates:

Obtain a PhD

Excellent students are given the opportunity to work towards a doctoral degree ("Dr.-Ing.", the German PhD). This requires to become associated with one of the research groups and to participate actively in research projects. A doctoral degree can be obtained typically 3-5 years after completion of the master's program. Funding is usually provided for the entire duration of Ph.D. related studies.

The department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is involved in a large number of research activities and projects providing ample opportunities for doctoral research.

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