Joint Processing of received Signals in CDMA Mobile Radio Systems with Infinite and Quasi Infinite Data Transmission

Mobile radio systems are interference limited. Therefore, in future mobile radio systems a significant performance enhancement can only be achieved by utilizing techniques which reduce the degrading impact of interference. A highly attractive class of such techniques are techniques for joint received signal processing. To date the systematic design and analysis of such techniques for CDMA mobile radio systems with infinite or quasi-infinite data transmission is not yet well understood, even though such systems are to be a particularly interesting class of future mobile radio systems, see for instance the third generation mobile radio systems currently put into operation. This project contributes to the systematization of the design and optimization of techniques for joint received signal processing in such mobile radio systems. It is shown that the task of joint received signal processing can logically be split into the five subtasks block establishment, data assignment, interblock signal processing, intrablock signal processing and combining + decision. Besides to the exact definition of these five subtasks, the main focus of the project is the development of attractive proposals for suboptimal and, according to certain criteria, optimal solutions of these subtasks.