MIMO Systems

In MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) systems, multiple antenna elements are placed at both the access point (AP) and the mobile terminals (MTs). Therefore, a spatial dimension is introduced at both the AP and MTs, which gives large potential to increase the system capacity. Basically, MIMO systems can be classified in single-user MIMO systems, where the AP communicates with only a single MT, and multi-user MIMO systems, where AP communicates simultaneously with several MTs.   

The focus of this project is to 

  • study the basic properties of single-user MIMO systems, e.g. the distribution of eigenvalues of the MIMO channel,
  • study the basic properties of multi-user MIMO systems, e.g. the cross-correlation between eigenmodes of  MIMO channels between AP and MTs, and
  • develop novel base band signal processing techniques for multi-user MIMO systems, especially for downlink communication.