M.Sc. Mengsen Jia

Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität

Institute of Automatic Control

Erwin-Schrödinger Str. 12 

Mailbox 3049 

67653 Kaiserslautern 


Tel.: +49-(0)631-205-4454

Fax: +49-(0)631-205-4462 

Office: 12/472


E-Mail: jia(at)eit.uni-kl.de



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  • M. Jia, P. Zhang. An approach to oscillatory failure case detection in the aerospace industrial benchmark. Proceedings of the 22nd IFAC World Congress (IFAC), Yokohama, Japan, 2023.
  • M. Jia,P. Zhang. Detection of cyber attacks on a water distribution testbed.
  • Proceedings of the 6th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA), pp. 1354-1359, Trieste, Italy, 2022.
  • M. Jia, A. Köhler, R. Fritz, P. Zhang. Monte-Carlo tree search with neural networks for Petri nets. Proceedings of the 2022 American Control Conference (ACC), pp. 4514-4519, Atlanta, USA, 2022.