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Themes for Student Project, Diploma, Bachelor's and Master's Thesis can be found here or on our bulletin board in building 12, 4th floor.


Topics for theses and project work:

Master thesis / diploma thesis:

  • Evaluation of several encrypted control systems
  • Application of digital signature in industrial control systems
  • Development of a data-driven approach to actuator fault isolation
  • Prediction of state variables in energy systems for smart house/building
  • Development of logic controller for a laboratory large-scale experiment platform
  • Spike recognition in imagining data


 Bachelor thesis / student research project:

  • Construction of a low-cost hands-on control experiment platform
  • Construction of an experiment platform for a cooperative multi-agent system
  • Construction of an automated navigated vehicle platform


 Project work:

  • Efficient implementation of MPC algorithms in embedded systems
  • Design of advanced Kalman filters for a nonlinear benchmark system
  • Optimal scheduling of Industry 4.0 Batch production processes
  • Modelling of APP processes


Contact person:
If you have any question regarding theses and project work, please do not hesitate to contact us:

M. Sc. Andreas Köhler

Office: 12/466

Phone: 0631-205-4452

E-mail: ankoehle(at)

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