The Chair for Wireless Communication and Navigation offers theses for Bachelor and Master Students in the following areas:

  • Next Generation Mobile Networks (5G, B5G, 6G)
  • Industrial Communication Systems
  • Vehicular Networking
  • Internet-of-Things / Intelligent Networks
  • Information Security
  • Machine Learning

Selection of currently vacant theses:

Optimization of radio resource utilization in URLLC networks on the example of the EchoRing technology
Environmental and Seasonal Impact on  5G Non-public Networks
Hand-Over processes for new 6G underlayer network concepts
Dynamic Traffic Lights with Reinforcement-Learning-based Agent
Security & Privacy in 5G Mobile Communication Networks

During these theses students are dealing with current research topics and novel hardware such as experimental mobile networks or Software Defined Radio Plattforms.

Some theses are offered in cooperation with research projects and partners from industry and other research organisations, as well as in cooperation with the Intelligent Networks Research Group of the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence). Selected topics will be announced here additionally (see below). For further information, please directly contact our research staff or the Intelligent Networks Research Group of the DFKI.