Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Schedule and Location

Thursday, 10:00-11:30, Building 11, Room 207, Begin 25.04.2024


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Görges

Further Information

  • Number of SWS: 2
  • Number of ECTS Credits: 3
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: EIT-JEM-517-V-7
  • Leistungspunkte: 3


Electric and hybrid vehicles are a key technology for a resource- and climate-friendly transportation. Reaseach and development in this field has therefore received considerable attention in recent years, both in industry and academia. The demand for specialized engineers is consequently high. In this lecture, the fundamentals of electric and hybrid vehicles, particularly architectures, modeling, and energy management, are introduced and illustrated by numerous case studies based on realized vehicle concepts. Throughout the lecture, the modeling and energy management methods are investigated under MATLAB/Simulink using specialized toolboxes.


  1. Introduction to Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  2. Longitudinal Dynamics
  3. Transmission Systems
  4. Propulsion Systems
  5. Storage Systems
  6. Energy Management Systems



Lecture Notes

The lecture notes will be provided in OLAT during the lecture.