About the Aira Challenge

Take a task, explore and navigation in an unknown area, going up and downstairs…


The trivial tasks for human are still very challenging for autonomous robots.

As part of the „Advanced industrial robotic applications challenge“ (AIRA-Challenge), 6 teams from the industry, high school and research center are competing their innovative solutions for the mobile robots.

The team „SIMA“ is taking part of this challenge.


For autonomous robot, the first thing to do is to localize itself.


To this end, the SLAM algorithm based on RGB-D camera is used, and a 2d map of the environment is created.

By using the map information, the robot is able to calculate an optimal path between different task positions.
Then, Model Predictive Control (MPC) is used to follow the points in the path, and avoid the dynamic obstacles that did not appear during mapping process.


A big challenge here is to enable the robot to drive upstairs and downstairs, which is a quite common scenario in a industrial area.
The team SIMA has come up with the solution to extend the robot chassis with an lifting module and extra wheels.



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Final: Presentation on ACHEMA 2022