2010/2011/2012: „JACK“, the robot vacuum cleaner

A new robot was built in the lab years 2010/2011/2012: the vacuum cleaner robot "JACK".

It is designed for automated floor cleaning. The vehicle consists of a self-designed chassis made of wood with an integrated suction and brush unit. The robot has two wheels, which are individually driven by geared motors. In addition, tactile switches are attached to the robot for collision detection, and a far-range sensor is mounted on top of a servo motor to sense the surroundings.

In the lab years 2011/2012, a docking station for the robot was designed, which has an automatic loading system and a suction unit for emptying the dust container. In addition, some parts of the robot vacuum are improved, such as the suction unit and programming code.

In the lab year 2012/2013, due to the significantly increased number for the participants, the students are divided into two groups. One group continues to work on the JACK robot. A base station was developed to supply the robot with electricity using inductive charging. In addition, new algorithms were developed with which the robot can be located in the room and the suction strategy can be optimized. The second group deals with the construction of a quadrocopter.