Research Topics

Communication Systems

  • Wireless/Satellite/Optical communication
  • Focus on digital baseband processing
  • Exact FEC ML decoding
  • Advanced FEC soft decoding
    • High throughput, low latency, energy efficiency
    • LDPC codes, Polar codes
    • Ensemble decoding

Advanced SoC Architectures & Methodology

  • DRAM Modeling, exploration of memory architectures, and application specific optimizations
  • Memory Controller Design (including PHY)
  • Memory characterization
  • Memory based PUF
  • Timing models for non standard CMOS circuits e.g. PTL

Customized High-Performance Computing/Edge Computing

  • Efficient Implementation of ML-Edge Devices (Inference/Training)
    • Applications: OCR, IoT, health, communication, education, environmental monitoring
    • Cross-Layer Approach including neural network search
    • Frameworks
    • Quantization and new data formats
  • Efficient Implementation of Postquantum Cryptography alg.

Context Sensitive Systems

  • Smart Learning Systems
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Oil Spill Monitoring
  • Forest health