Derek Christ
System Level Integration and Exploration of PIM DRAM (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: L. Steiner

Michael Petrosyan
Design Space Exploration for Efficient Implementation of Atrial Fibrillation Detection on Low-power Embedded Platforms (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: V. Rybalkin

Furkan Aktas
Implementation of a Digital to Analog Converter for LPDDR4X PHY (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: H. Abdo, J. Lappas, C.Weis

Elias Biehl
MPC Signatures for Embedded Devices: A HW/SW Co-Design (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: M. Schöffel, C. De Schryver

Daniel Koch
Design and Implementation of a Hardware Assisted Cloud Character Exchange Platform for Legacy Gameboy Pokémon Games (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: C. De Schryver

Sascha Maurice Dauber
Design and Implementation of a LPDDR5 DRAM Controller for ASIC Integration (Diplomarbeit)
Betreuer:  C. Weis

Sayed Mohammad Tariful Azam
ASIC-based hardware acceleration of Algebraic Machine Learning (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer:  M. Hassani SadiC. Weis

Hiandra Tomasi
Custom Processor Instructions for SHA3 on RISC-V Architecture: A Design Space Exploration for FPGA and ASIC Implementation (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: M.Schöffel


José Cabrera
Implementation of a Doppler Channel Model for Low Earth Orbit Satellites (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: J. Ney

Ghada Chams Zahrouni
Design and Implementation of a Face Recognition System on a Hybrid Xilinx Zynq SoC Demonstrator (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: C. De Schryver

Amine Riahi
Investigating Emerging Trends in Logic Circuit simulation with emphasis on interconnect modeling (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: J. Lappas

Taha Chiheb
Power characterization of external SRAMs with serial interface (Bachlorarbeit)
Betreuer: J. Feldmann

Sascha Dauber
Detailed Behavioral Modelling of an Initialization Unit for a DRAM PHY (Studienarbeit)
Betreuer: C. Weis

Lukas Boos
Development of a System for Ambient Light Control in Modern Vehicles (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: C. De Schryver

Daniel Vedaa
System-Level Modelling of the ONFI Standard (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Jung, Lukas Steiner

Gizem Amati
Development and Implementation of an Autonomous Temperature Control System for Smart Building Environments (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: C. De Schryver

Ahmad Abdulla
Embedded Air write: Implementation of Movement Reconstruction (trajectory reconstruction) Algorithm on CPU, GPU and FPGA for real time performance (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: M.M.Ghaffar


Derek Christ
Development of a System-Level Simulation Frontend for DRAMSys (Bachlorarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Jung, Lukas Steiner

Mohamed Moursi
Exploration of Memory Partitioning for Streaming Architectures for Encoder-Decoder Based DNNs (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Mohsin Gaffer, Jonas Ney, Vladimir Rybalkin

Ali Shamya
HW/SW Codesign for RISC-V based LPDDR4X-PHY Management Controller (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Johannes Feldmann, Jan Lappas

Jakob Sherif
Entwicklung, Implementierung und Evaluation eines Systems zur Prädiktion mithilfe von nicht-invasiver Sensorik (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian De Schryver

Yazan Kazhalawi
Investigation on Layered Decoding Schedules for LDPC Codes (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Herrmann, Oliver Griebel

Maria Feting
Acceleration of a High Secure Hashing Algorithm using Near Memory Computing on a Custom RISC-V Platform (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Johannes Feldmann, Max Schöffel

Bryan Olmos
Formal Verification of DRAM Controllers Using Timed Petri Nets (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Lukas Steiner, Chirag Sudarshan

Mohamed Amine Riahi
A Pass-Transistor-Logic Compatible STA Engine for Path-based Delay Optimization (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: André Chinazzo, Jan Lappas


Iris Walter
Performance-Accuracy Trade-off Analysis, Efficient Design and Implementation of a Deep Neural Network for Face Recognition on FPGAs (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin

Elias Batbouta
Vergleich des Standes der Technik von auf Speichertechnologien basierenden Physical-Unclonable-Functions (Projektarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Lucas Weber
Evaluation of Quantum-Safe Digital Signature Algorithms in the Context of TLS-based Low-Power IoT (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Maximilian Schöffel, Frederik Lauer

Melanie Neudecker
Entwicklung eines Klassifikationsmodells zur Bestimmung von Qualitätsparametern von Maissilage anhand von Deep Learning auf Grundlage von Hyperspektraldaten (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Luiza Souza Correa
Power Estimation of Modern DRAM Memories (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Rosy Elizabeth Sebastian
Systolic Array Based Quantized Neural Network Accelerator with Custom Memory Hierarchy to Minimize Off-Chip Transfers (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Muhammad Mohsin Ghaffar

Patrick Eckes
Design and Evaluation of a Low-cost Infrared Camera-based Positioning System (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Frederik Lauer

Stephan Stürz
Analysis and Exploration of hardware-aware Compression Techniques for Deep Neural Networks (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Jonas Ney

Lukas Boos
Konzeption, Aufbau und Validierung einer intelligenten Gartenbewässerungssteuerung (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian De Schryver

Alexander Ehre
Konzeption und Entwicklung eines RFID basierten Scannersystems für die produzierende Industrie (Studienarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian De Schryver

Julia Rützel
Konzeption und Entwicklung eines SmartBuilding-Simulators auf Basis von KNX (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian De Schryver

Mouayad Horani
Flexible High Throughput Polar Decoders (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Claus Kestel


Heba Ganem
Efficient FEFET-based Crossbar and Mixed-signal Blocks Design for an In-memory DNN Hardware Accelerator (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Taha Soliman, Chirag Sudarshan

Ahmed EL-Yamany
Exploration of Deep Neural Network Topologies and Efficient Hardware Architecture for Historical Document Baseline Detection (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin

Ebin Zacharias
Deep Learning-based Scene Text Recognition in Mobile Outdoor Application (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin, Menbere Tekleyohannes

Jonas Ney
A Hardware Architecture of a Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network for Page Segmentation of Historical Handwritten Documents (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin, Muhammad Mohsin Ghaffar

Stefan Pajonk
Exploration and Benchmarking of Memory Architecture Using Virtual Prototyping (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Éder Ferreira Zulian

Yannick Robin
Generic On-Chip Memory Generator for ASIC Design Exploration (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Jan Lappas

Felipe Salerno Prado
A Domain-Specific Language for Describing DRAM Behavior (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis, Matthias Jung (IESE)

Khalil Esper
Implementation and Evaluation of Industry 4.0 Service-oriented Production Using Revolution Pi (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis, Matthias Jung (IESE)

Manoj Hanumaiah
Evaluation and Implementation of an Indoor Localization System for Fraunhofer IESE Concept Cars (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Jung, C. Peper (IESE), Christian Weis

Oliver Broschart
Automated Design and Implementation of a DDR4 Receiver (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Jan Lappas, Christian Weis

Lukas Steiner
Simulation of Emerging Memory Standards with DRAMSys (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Jung, Christian Weis

Patrik Eckes
Sensor Fusion Approaches for the Detection of Door and Window Events in Buildings (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Frederik Lauer, Carl Rheinländer


Kirill Bykov
A SystemC/TLM Framework for Characterising and Validating the RTL Implementation of a Memory Controller (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Chirag Sudershan, Matthias Jung

Daniel Rühm
Development of an Input Device with Steam VR Tracking (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis, Ricardo A. Tauro (ITK)

David Schall
Investigation and Evaluation of hardware-based Memory Encryption and Integrity (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis, Andreas Sandberg (ARM)

Daniel Gretzke
Design and Implementation of a Blockchain-Based Smart Outlet Concept (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl Rheinländer, Frederik Lauer

Josua Mayer
Development of a transparent Gateway for Internet of Things Devices using IPv6 over Bluetooth Low Energy (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl Rheinländer, Frederik Lauer

Jens Ullmert
Design of an FMC compatible eMMC Adapter Board for Hybrid Memory Emulations (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl Rheinländer

Maxmilian Moritz Schöffel
Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Memory Controller (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Deepak M. Mathew

Claudien Nyituriki
A High-Level Implementation of a Hybrid Memory Controller for DRAM and NVM (Diplomarbeit)
Betreuer: Deepak M. Mathew

Surabhi Jain
Parallelism Selection For Performance Improvement Under Area Constraints In Systems With FPGA Accelerators (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Ivi Prifti
RTL Design, Verification, ASIC Implementation of an LPDDR4 Memory Controller and Research on Feasible Schedulers (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Chirag Sudarshan

Anjie Qiu
Window Skipping for Unrolled Turbo Decoders (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Stefan Weithoffer


Rodrigo Cortes Porto
Integration of SystemC-AMS Simulation Platform into TTool (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Mhd. Rashed Al Koutayni
Hardware Implementation of CNN-Based Hand Pose Estimation on FPGA (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin

Vitor Ribero Roriz
Development of a High-level TCP/IP Driver for a Message-passing Real-time Operating System (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Anes Benmerzoug
Hardware Aware Training and Architecture Exploration For a Multi-Dimensional LSTM Neural Network (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin

Manikantan Ravichandran
RISC-V based Reconfigurable Deep Learning Accelerator Framework Implemented on FPGAs (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Johannes Feldmann
An Application Specific Memory Controller for Video Stream Processing (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Christopher Schmidt
Ein Generatortool für abgerollte vollparallele LDPC Code Decoder (Studienarbeit)
Betreuer: Matthias Herrmann

Yannick Robin
Comparative Study on Different Types of DRAM Sense-Amplifier Implementations for In-Memory-Processing (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Jan Lappas

Niklas Thiedecke
CORDIC-Hardwareimplementierung mit erweitertem Funktionsumfang und erweitertem Konvergenzbereich (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Lukas Krupp
Zeitliche Synchronisation von Basisstationen in drahtlosen Netzwerken für einen echtzeitfähigen Handover-Mechanismus (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl Rheinländer

Doris Gulai
Modeling of LPDDR4-DRAM in DRAMSys (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Lukas Steiner
Hardware Implementation & Evaluation of Morphological Reconstruction Filter (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Menbere Tekleyohannes

Jonas Ney
Exploration of a New All Programmable Heterogeneous MPSoC Computing Platform Xilinx Zynq Ultra Scale+ with Application to Machine Learning (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin, Menbere Tekleyohannes

André Lucas Chinazzo
ReRAMSpec: High-Level Modelling of High Density Resistive RAM Cross-Point Arrays (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Deepak Mathew, Christian Weis

Frederik Lauer
High Secure Ultra Low Power IoT Infrastructure Exploration (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl Rheinländer, Claus Kestel

Chetan Dobariya
Design and Implementation of an eDRAM Array using a 2T Gain Cell in UMC’s 65 nm Technology (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Amir Massah Bavani
An Efficient Reconfigurable Hardware Accelerator for Deep Convolutional Neural Network using 3D Systolic Arrays (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Vladimir Rybalkin, Muhammad Mohsin Ghaffar

Maycon Douglas Da Silva Carvalho
A heterogeneous embedded computing system for parallel processing of frames extracted from real-time video streams (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Carl RheinländerChristian Weis

Martin Zeyen
Untersuchung des Noisy Gradient Descent Bit-Flipping Algorithmus zum Decodieren von LDPC Codes (Diplomarbeit)
Betreuer: Kira KraftStefan Weithoffer

Nkrumah Offonry
An Empirical Exploration of Different ECCs for Next-Generation DRAMs and Memories (Masterarbeit)
Betreuer: Christian Weis

Anjie Qiu
Implementation and Evaluation of the Belief-Propagation Algorithm for LTE-Turbo-Codes (Bachelorarbeit)
Betreuer: Stefan Weithoffer