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"Lubis Engine" project won the competition "Ideenwettbewerb" of Rhineland-Palatinate

From the left: Tim Burr, Tobias Ludwig, Michael Schwarz und Dr. Max Birtel Source:

The three engineers Tobias Ludwig (EIS), Michael Schwarz (EIS) and Dr. Max Birtel and the software developer Tim Burr took first place in the Rhineland-Palatinate "Ideenwettbewerb" (ideas competition) with their innovative software tool "LUBIS EDA".

The tool offers a new, innovative process for developing microchips. It reduces the development phases by up to 20%. In companies, this means that the microchips are marketed more quickly and the current delivery problems for semiconductor electronics can be remedied somewhat. It also offers automated, error-free generation of the microchip design and ensures more security in everyday use, for example in cars, smartphones or computers.

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