Study Guidance

We give advise for all studies-related issues. It is recommended to schedule an appointment before visiting us.

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Bernhard Hauck

Building 11, Room 343

Phone: 0631/205-3020 or 0631/205-2076

E-mail: eit-studienberatung(at)

  • Departmental student advise
  • Recognition of course credits
  • Applications with bachelor degree from a German university
  • Exam regulations
  • Semester administration
  • Administration of the KIS system

Dr.-Ing. Christian De Schryver

Building 12, Room 264

Phone: 0631/205-3530

E-mail: christian.deschryver(at)

  • Methodological advise
  • Individual coaching
  • Subject-specific support of local international master students
  • Career Service
  • Administration of the OLAT system

Student Council EIT

The Student Council Electrical and Computer Engineering offers collegial and cooperative advise for all students.

Building 11, Room 224

Phone: 0631/205-2620

e-mail: fachschaft(at)