Study abroad

An international stay during your study times supports the development of essential competences and the individual personality. Furthermore, a time abroad is a proof of independence and flexibility. Studying in a foreign language and living abroad improves your language skills.

Take the chance and use the wide range of opportunities which the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers and spend a part of your studies abroad – various months or even a whole year. Everything is possible.

Unique Experiences, new friendships and an academic change of perspective are waiting for you!


For a stay within Europe, you can choose between the following options:

  • Study with Erasmus+

Within the frame of Erasmus+ program, the European Commission promotes the student mobility in European countries outside of Germany. The following countries are participating in the Erasmus+ program: 27 EU countries, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Iceland and Norway.

By providing a scholarship for the mobility of students, European Commission wants to support cultural exchange and to achieve further integration of Europe. Besides the financial support, partner universities do not charge tuition fees and Erasmus scholars receive academic acknowledgement/approval of their study achievements from the semester abroad

  • Internship with Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ program promotes also internships in European countries outside of Germany. Requirements are that the internship must be full-time with an explicit reference to your studies.

  • Freemover

Students, which do not stay at one of the partner universities of the department of EIT, are called Freemover. As a Freemover, you plan and organize your semester abroad or writing your thesis in a foreign country independently.

Rest of the world

For all, who want to go further away, there are the following possibilities:

  • DAAD-Scholarship

For a stay outside of Europe, a large variety of possibilities exists. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships for students and provides normally a place to study abroad.

  • Freemover

As well as in Europe, students have the opportunity to organize a semester or a final thesis abroad independently.


Preparations and advice

Nevertheless, before you can go abroad, lots of questions have to be clarified and necessary things have to be managed. And not only the question “Where to go” has to be answered, also the kind of stay abroad (studies, internship, final thesis or short-term stay) and suitable program have to be chosen.

Based on your personal interests, we support and assist you in all kind of affairs that concern your stay abroad. Our central place to go  EIT International is always there for you.

Our current partner universities for all programs worldwide can be found  here.