Student Groups

Living and working in the Department is strongly supported by our student groups. Without the commitment of our students many offerings would not be possible.

Student Council EIT

The members of the Student Council invest some of their spare time in order to facilitate living and working at the university for students of electrical engineering and computer engineering. The Student Council room (11-224) is open throughout the day.

Elektrotechnischer Kreis

The Elektrotechnische Kreis (ETK) is the association of student members of the VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology) at TUK. We organize seminars and business trips for students of our department to provide them with first impressions about the future career as well as prospective employers.

Nachbrenner Team

The Nachbrenner team are students who voluntarily managing a room where students get together and also meet professors and research assistants on an informal basis. The "Nachbrenner" is located
in the basement of building 11.


The students of the Kaiserslautern Racing Team are designing, constructing and building an electric race car every year to compete with other universities from all over the world at european Formula Student events. By that they are dealing with latest challenges of the automotive industry.