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Our industry delegates in the discussion: f.l.t.r. Michael Siegrist (WIPOTEC GmbH), Mark Müller (ITK Engineering GmbH), Timo Lehnigk-Emden (Creonic GmbH), Dirk Wilhelm (GHMT AG), Markus Wedler (Synopsys GmbH), Christian De Schryver (TUK, moderator) / Source: Thomas Koziel

Perspektive Informationstechnik on July 14, 2017

While enjoying the nice weather, attendees were chatting with with people from industry until late night. / Source: Thomas Koziel

The Nachbrenner team preparing the barbecue. / Source: Thomas Koziel

How does the daily life look like for an engineer? What are the best options to enter a company or to move up the ladder? What are the expectations from business side? Those or similar questions will arise for all of us during our studies.

The joint event “Perspektive Informationstechnik” from the department and student council EIT, the Elektrotechnischer Kreis (ETK), and the Nachbrenner team was giving first-hand insights into real business life for engineers. Five experts from industry were discussing current and future hot-topics and challenges with the guests. In particular it was obvious that small and big companies are very different with respect to requirements and opportunities. One important and joint statement from the expert was that competences in team work, communication and self-management are no longer nice add-ons, but already today the fundamentals for professional success.

A special recognition for the students were the industry awards for very good achievements and special dedication. Angel Codrean, Francisco Javier Garcia Rosas, and Sebastian Gau received the “Ferchau Förderpreis”. The “ITK Student Award” was given to Daniel Rühm. Tobias Stahn, Chirag Sudarshan, and Justine Völker were awarded with the “Theo Düppre Preis für Inspektionstechnologie”.

The last part of the event was taking part in the Nachbrenner, a quaint pub in the EIT department. While enjoying the nice weather and free food, many guests took the chance to have informal chats with our experts until late night.

Very special thanks go to all award donors and our industry experts:

  • Timo Lehnigk-Emden (Creonic GmbH, Kaiserslautern)
  • Dirk Wilhelm (GHMT AG, Bexbach)
  • Mark Müller (ITK Engineering GmbH, Rülzheim)
  • Markus Wedler (Synopsys GmbH, Aachen)
  • Michael Siegrist (Wipotec GmbH, Kaiserslautern)

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering gives thanks the student council EIT, the Elektrotechnischer Kreis (ETK), the Nachbrenner team, and all involved supporters who made this event happen with their personal dedication.

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