Media and Communication Technology

Media are the interfaces between technology and ourselves. We speak, hear, point, see or feel - and only in our brain it becomes a meaningful information. Modern communicative devices transport messages in the form of language, text, pictures or videos - no matter whether at the other end is a person or a machine.

New Media - Future of the technology

The so-called „new media“ demand from the technology a lot. High-resolution 3D-and 4K-video streaming, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / ARE), Gamification or social networks are not aimed any more on masses of consumers, but serve each of us individually – where, when and whatever we want. In addition to fast communication networks, we also need high-performance hardware that can generate the desired video and sound.

Media is by no means just entertainment - many technical applications of production, development, medicine or vehicle technology have become so complex that we need easy acces to them. This is only possible with user interfaces that can be operated intuitively. VR glasses with which we can control an operation robot from another continent are no longer a dream of the future. And who has never wished to take a different position in the stadium during a live broadcast of their favorite club? No problem with a so-called "Free Viewpoint Video"!

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