Jobs & Careers

Graduates in Media and Communication Technology work wherever people, technology and media come together. As an expert in this field, all doors are literally open to you:

  • The „classic“ broadcasting area (radio and television), e.g. planning and support of studio and transmission technology
  • The entire building technology, e.g. conception and development of video conference systems, theaters or event rooms
  • Content production in film and sound studios, e.g. in the planning and installation of IT systems and networks
  • Event business, e.g. as a technical coordinator for major events
  • Internet companies, an expert in social networks and data management
  • Industry and medicine, e.g. as a developer of user interfaces or signal processing, visualization
  • Communication technology, e.g. as a network planner in the cellular or fiber optic area
  • Game industry, e.g. as a developer of game worlds, sound designer or project manager

Excellent Education

In the Media and Communication Technology (MKT) course, we train you to become experts in the media of tomorrow. As a real engineer (Bachelor of Science) you enjoy all the advantages on the job market and benefit from a solid basic education.

In addition, you understand how people and media interact and you are ideally equipped for a wide range of possible jobs and career paths. And all of this from top-class lecturers from science and practice.

And if you long to go further, you can continue your studies in our Master program "Electrical and Computer Engineering" in the major "Communication Technology".