Why MKT?

Graduate profile

As a graduate of media and communication technology, you are an expert in technical solutions in the fields of media technology, multimedia and communication technology. That means in detail:

  • You have a broad basic knowledge of the disciplines of mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering and information technology.
  • You are able to apply this knowledge practically to specific problems.
  • You know the basics and understand the technical background of (new) media.
  • You know the creative processes and aspects of media design and production and can exchange ideas with experts in this field
  • Through analytical thinking you can recognize and analyze technical challanges yourself.
  • Your abstraction skills allow you to derive approaches to problem solving.
  • You can act in a structured way and take responsibility for your (self-)reflective procedures.

Solid Basis for your whole professional life

With the classic characteristics of a good engineer, which we will train you to be, you will retain curiosity, openness and willingness to learn, which will allow you to build on your education the whole life. Coupled with critical faculties and deal with, in some cases, interdisciplinaryand interculturalteams, the doors to the world of work open up for you in all areas. The networking of basic technical knowledge with knowledge of the dynamic media environment in the current knowledge society prepares you for a successful career in the field of new media.

Graduate profile
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