Dipl.-Inf. Claus Kestel


Building 12, Room 220
67663 Kaiserslautern


Phone: (+49) 631 / 205-3513
Fax: (+49) 631 / 205-4437
Email: kestel(at)rptu.de

Research Areas

  • Communication Systems
  • Polar Codes


Automorphism Ensemble Polar Code Decoders for 6G URLLC
C. Kestel, M. Geiselhart, L. Johannsen, S. ten Brink, N. Wehn. International ITG 26th Workshop on Smart Antennas and 13th Conference on Systems, Communications, and Coding (WSA&SCC 2023), March, 2023, Braunschweig, Germany.

Parallel Single Parity Check Nodes for High-Throughput Fast-SSCL Polar Code Decoders
L. Johannsen, C. Kestel, T. Vogt, N. Wehn. IEEE Symposium on Future Telecommunication Technologies (SOFTT), November, 2022, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
Best Paper Award

Towards More Secure PUF Applications: A Low-Area Polar Decoder Implementation
C. Kestel, C. Frisch, M. Pehl, N. Wehn. IEEE International System-On-Chip Conference (SOCC 2022), September, 2022, Belfast, UK.

Partial Order-Based Decoding of Rate-1 Nodes in Fast Simplified Successive-Cancellation List Decoders for Polar Codes
L. Johannsen, C. Kestel, O. Griebel, T. Vogt, N. Wehn. MDPI Electronics, Special Issue "VLSI Architectures for Wireless Communications and Digital Signal Processing", February, 2022.

Energy Efficient FEC Decoders
M. Herrmann, C. Kestel, N. Wehn.International Symposium on Topics in Coding 2021 (ISTC 2021), September, 2021, Montréal, Canada.

A 506 Gbit/s Polar Successive Cancellation List Decoder with CRC
C. Kestel, L. Johannsen, O. Griebel, J. Jimenez, T. Vogt, T. Lehnigk-Emden, N. Wehn. IEEE 31st PIMRC'20 - Workshop on Enabling Technologies for Terahertz Communications, September, 2020, virtual conference.

Analysis and Optimization of TLS-based Security Mechanisms for Low Power IoT Systems
F. Lauer, C. Rheinländer, C. Kestel, N. Wehn. 1st Workshop on Secure IoT, Edge and Cloud Systems (SIoTEC 2020), May, 2020, Melbourne, Australia.

Polar Code Decoder Framework
T. Lehnigk-Emden, M. Alles, C. Kestel, N. Wehn. IEEE Conference Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE), March, 2019, Florence, Italy.

When Channel Coding Hits the Implementation Wall
C. Kestel, M. Herrmann, N. Wehn. International Symposium on Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing (ISTC), December, 2018, Hong Kong, China.

A Framework for Non-Intrusive Trace-driven Simulation of Manycore Architectures with Dynamic Tracing Configuration
J. Jahic, M. Jung, T. Kuhn, C. Kestel, N. Wehn. RV 2018 - The 18th International Conference on Runtime Verification, November, 2018, Limassol, Cyprus.

Polar Code Decoder Exploration Framework
C. Kestel, S. Weithoffer, N. Wehn. Advances in Radio Science, Volume 16, September, 2018.

Advanced Wireless Digital Baseband Signal Processing Beyond 100 Gbit/s
S. Weithoffer, M. Herrmann, C. Kestel, N. Wehn. IEEE International Workshop on Signal Processing Systems (SIPS), October, 2017, Lorient, France.

Optimization Strategies for Portable Code for Monte Carlo-Based Value-at-Risk Systems
J. Varela, C. Kestel, C. De Schryver, N. Wehn, S. Desmettre, R. Korn. Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance (WHPCF '15), November, 2015, Austin, USA.