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Design space exploration for efficient hardware implementation of mobile vision transformer on FPGA

Type of work:

Master Thesis


The goal of this work is to implement a mobile vision transformer on FPGA using High-Level Synthesis (HLS). The task is divided into the four main phases:

First: Understanding the vision transformer architecture and optimizing it using quantization-aware training.
Second: Analyzing the model's structure, detecting bottlenecks, and identifying possible cross-layer optimizations that can be exploited for an efficient hardware implementation on FPGA.
Third: Designing a hardware architecture and implementing it using HLS.
Fourth: Implementing the bottleneck components of the hardware architecture on an FPGA board and collecting measurements.

  • CVivado / Vitis HLS
  • C / C++
  • Python
  • Pytorch / TensorFlow

V. Rybalkin, M. GhaffarM. Moursi


Nabih Talaat Ibrahim Saleh