Excursion to the Pfalzwerke substation

Shortly before Christmas 2023, an excursion to the Pfalzwerke Netz AG substation in Otterbach took place for students as part of the "Switchgear" lecture of the Chair of Energy Systems and Energy Management. In the cold and wet December weather, the students had the opportunity to experience first-hand the extent of the energy transition, which is otherwise only known from stories or pictures. This was supplemented by detailed explanations and an intensive exchange with Mr. Dominik Wäresch (Pfalzwerke Netz AG/lecture "Energy Systems") about the current and future challenges of the electricity grid in the region.

A substation is a central component of the energy supply, as it not only connects lines with each other, but also transmits the energy to the consumers in the region. 

Our sincere thanks go in particular to Mr. Dominik Wäresch and his colleagues as well as Pfalzwerke Netz AG for the opportunity of the excursion and to Prof. Michael Mann (TH Aschaffenburg/lecture "Switchgear").