Excursion to the SENSOR+TEST 2023 fair and congress on May 10th 2023

The visitor group in front of the fair entrance | Photo: Prof. Antoni Picard, FH Zweibrücken

Once a year, academic and industrial experts in the field of sensors, sensor systems, instrumentation, and metrology meet at SENSOR+TEST 2023 fair (https://www.sensor-test.de/) which is accompanied  by a scientific congress (https://www.smsi-conference.com/) in Nuremberg. The event offers, in particular, for students of Metrology and Instrumentation, Electronics, Sensor Signal Processing, and Machine Learning, an excellent opportunity to aquaint themselves with the state-of the art and most recent developments in Sensors, Instrumentation, and Metrology, along with corresponding integration technologies and application fields. A plethora of presentations at booths, e.g., amongst many others related to infrared, hyperspectral-, magnetic- oder acoustic cameras, give a vivid and instructive picture of the field.  In addition, the SENSOR+TEST serves also as career portal and offers the opportunity to students to access information on job offers, internships, or master project offers in the Career Center of the fair as well the job fair or individual contacts to company and institution representatives.
The AMA (www.ama.de), in the role as organizing institution of the fair, sponsors the visit of students by providing free entry to the fair itself as well as to the scientific congress. Further, a substantial part of the excursion bus travel cost is also covered by AMA. In the past two decades, a tradition has been established in the area and the university sites of  Kaiserslautern und Saarbrücken, to organize an annual joint excursion to SENSOR+TEST. The chair of Cognitive Integrated Sensor Systems (KISE), EIT, of RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau, the Microsystems branch (Prof. Picard) of university of applied sciences Kaiserslautern (Zweibrücken site), the Saarland University, Chair of Measurement, and the university of applied sciences HTW Saarbrücken took turns in organizing the excursion in the past years.

Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic had temporarily interrupted  this tradition, as even the SENSOR+TEST itself had moved to virtual event. After now three years of forced inactivity the chair of Cognitive Integrated Sensor Systems took the initiative to revive this tradition and set out on the organization of a free-of-charge excursion for the students.
The valuable cooperation with Fachschaft EIT in advertising the event and registering participants is gratefully acknowledged.
In this years organization, the excursion was also, beyond EIT, globally advertised and offered free-of-charge to students and employees of whole RPTU, site Kaiserslautern.

On May 10th 2023 the excursion started for the first group from Zweibrücken at 6:00 a.m. at the pick-up location Homburg, for the RPTU-group then at 6:45 Uhr at the pick-up location UCI in Kaiserslautern. Ms. M.Sc. Amira Ghezal served as accompanying person for the KISE chair. The available visiting time of the fair and congress in this year was about  7 hours, as shortages in the bus travel company unfortunately required a return time of already about 16:30 p.m. At about 21:00 p.m. all participants of both groups had safely returned  to their pick-up locations. The feedback of the participants was positive with out any reservation.
The remaining bus cost after balancing of the AMA sponsoring have been covered, as also in previous years, by the KISE chair of the EIT department.

For next year 2024 and following years it is firmly intented, to carry on organizing the annual excursion for students, PhD candidates, and employees. One objective is to revitalize and extend the activity including all formerly involved partners and exploit the excursion bus to the last seat. First announcements for the excursion to  SENSOR+TEST 2024, June 11. - 13., 2024, Nuremberg, can probably be expected not before end of March or beginning of April 2024.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas König

The visitor group in front of the fair entrance | Photo: Prof. Antoni Picard, FH Zweibrücken