Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

The winner team during the award ceremony / Picture: Science Alliance

Innovative energy management with heat pumps

Sun and wind produce a large amount of electrical energy that is highly dynamic. For keeping our power grid stable, it is essential that we have fast and effective methods for regulating both the generation and consumers in real-time.

One possibility for consuming spare energy amounts are heat pumps that can be used both for heating and cooling of buildings. Depending on the seasonal requirements, they can transform electrical energy into either heating or cooling energy and store it in buildings. However, this approach requires appropriate concepts that consider both the building characteristics and the requirements for stable power grids.

Daniel Henschel M.Sc., researcher at the Chair for Energy Systems and Energy Management headed by Prof. Wolfram Wellßow, has investigated together with colleagues from the architecture department how this approach can work in real-life. The interdisciplinary team has now received the third place at the “2017 Forum Zukunft” by the Science Alliance Kaiserslautern.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering congratulates Mr. Henschel and his team!

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