M.Sc. Wenyan Ye

Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität

Lehrstuhl für Automatisierungstechnik 

Erwin-Schrödinger Str. 12 

Postfach 3049 

67653 Kaiserslautern 


Telefon: +49-(0)631-205-4457

Telefax: +49-(0)631-205-4462 

Raumnummer: 12/409

E-Mail: ye(at)eit.uni-kl.de



  • W. Ye, P. Zhang, H. Chang. A data-driven optimal time-delayed control approach and its application to aerial manipulators. Control Engineering Practice, Vol. 142, 105754, 2024.
  • W. Ye, P. Zhang. Data driven adaptive control for unknown underactuated Euler-Lagrange system.  Proceedings of the 2024 European Control Conference (ECC), Stockholm, Sweden, 2024.
  • W. Ye, P. Zhang. Data-Driven Time-Delayed Control for Euler-Lagrange Systems. Proceedings of the 2022 6th IEEE Conference on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA), Trieste, Italy, 2022
  • W. Ye, P. Zhang. Universal Residual Generator Generator for Nonlinear Euler-Lagrange Systems. Proceedings of the 11th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes (Safeprocess 2022), Pafos, Cyprus, 2022
  • Y. Wang, M. Leibold, J. Lee, W. Ye, J. Xie and M. Buss. Incremental Model Predictive Control Exploiting Time-Delay Estimation for a Robot Manipulator. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2022