MATRIX - A framework for real-time resource management for video streaming in networks of heterogenous devices
Category:Internal Projects
Coordinator:University of Kaiserslautern
Time Period:2008-2011
Persons:Anand Kotra, Gerhard Fohler, Larisa Rizvanovic
Institutes:Mälardalen Research and Technology Centre



Efficient transport of streams with acceptable playout quality in heterogeneous, dynamic environment (e.g. home networks) requires management of both networks and CPUs.

This project presents a framework for applying real-time resource management methods for decoupled video streaming in networks of heterogeneous devices. It is based on a global abstraction of device states, which reduces system state information and decreases overheads for its determination and dissemination. It provides access to the entire system state in acceptably fresh way, enabling system wide optimized decisions to be taken.