RTS Laboratory 2 (WS23/24)

General Course Information:

This lab will deepen the understanding of topics related to hypervisors, operating systems and real-time systems. The experiments cover uboot, PikeOS real-time hypervisor and operating system and Quality aware frame skipping.


For each experiment, a description with fundamental basics to understand the experiment will be provided in the OLAT page (see below).

Administrative Information

ECTS Credits: 3
Instruction Language: English
1. Good knowledge of C/C++/Embedded C
2. Some expirence with using Linux

Only register for the lab if you meet the requirements. Registration deadline for the lab is 25th October 2023 at 23:59. You can register via the RTS Lab 2 OLAT Page (see the link below). Due to COVID-19 related distancing regulation, we will assign available places to limited number of students. At the end of registration period, a confirmation email will be sent to the selected students. For more information, visit the RTS Lab2 OLAT page.

In the beginning of each appointment, the preparation tasks of the experiment topic will be tested. Without passing the tests, the experiments cannot be started and have to be repeated. Failing a test is only possible once. After a second failed test, the entire lab is failed and can be repeated in the next winter-semester. After completing each experiment, each group (of 2) has to hand in a solution of the experiment questions in written form. At the end of the semester, students have to appear in an exam. Only after passing the exam, it will be possible for students to get a Schein for the lab

Information for WS 23/24


More information can be found in KIS.

For registration please use OpenOLAT.

OpenOLAT access

OpenOLAT password

If you need the password to access our OLAT page please send an email to kadusale(at)rptu.de