RTS Laboratory 1 (Summer Semester 2024)

General Course Information:

Course Content

This lab will deepen the understanding of topics related to operating systems and real-time systems. The experiments cover topics related to processes and threads, Linux drivers and Resource management.


For each experiment, a description with fundamental basics to understand the experiment will be provided in the OLAT page (see below).

Administrative Information

ECTS Credits: 3

Instruction Language: English


  • C/C++/Embedded C (See "Before enrolling" section in Olat info page)
  • Experience in using Linux
  • Passing the "Linux Test". (It can be found in the Olat page at the bottom of the left menu)

Basic knowledge of Operating systems and Real-time systems is recommended.

How to enroll in RTS Lab 1?

  1. Pass the Linux Test.
  2. Enroll in Lab Registration form.
  3. Vote in Lab Timing Poll (as many options as possible).

At the end of registration period, a confirmation email will be sent to the selected students. A foreseen lab schedule will be available in the Calendar section.


Note: Students have to attend the lab in person (Location: Bulding 12/141). We follow university regulations for protection of the participants.

Because of COVID-19 related regulations, we will assign available places to limited number of students on a first come first serve basis.

Information for Sommersemester 2024

More information can be found in KIS.

For registration please use OpenOLAT.

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