General information

Dear students,

For general information see the page of the EIT faculty  or of the university.

If you want to get in touch with other students, we highly recommend the offer from Fachschaftsrat.

To-do list for students

  • please use your rhrk account address as email address for communications
    • in particular the email-address registered in OLAT
      • you can change the mail address in OLAT if you are currently using another one
      • we can share lecture material only if you registered with your rhrk account
  • please sign up for the courses on OLAT as well
    • course pages on OLAT will be password protected once the lecture starts
    • we will have a session for further information and your questions on the OLAT chat in the first lecture
      • do use the OLAT chat function with the course in the lecture, select “real name”